Exercise OR Red Wine: For Most, Not A Difficult Choice!

I just ran across this and thought you would enjoy it… maybe learn something, too. Perhaps, I should expand my mantra of eat less, move more, live longer to include drink less, too.

You might want to take a look at my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain (and exercise benefits).


All About Healthy Choices

8100_9x12_WeekendWorkout_RED_COTT__12332.1420814220.600.600That is right! You now have a choice because “science” and “research” has once again proven an “equal” benefit to either one. One hour of physical exercise offers the SAME PHYSICAL BENEFITS as one glass of RED WINE! Hmmmmm…..

To achieve these potential benefits, however, one must be willing to compromise. You see, the benefits achieved in this study used RATS as subjects instead of humans. They were given quantities of resveratrol (the active healthful ingredient in red wine) equivalent to the average consumer drinking hundreds of glasses of wine per day. The benefits were also based on “athletic rats” (those physically trained prior to starting this research) compared to sedentary rats.

Interestingly, a human study on resveratrol was performed and published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism which resulted in the PLACEBO GROUP (the group given an innert {neutral} substance) achieving INCREASED physical fitness. The group given resveratrol showed

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4 responses to “Exercise OR Red Wine: For Most, Not A Difficult Choice!

  1. Thank you for sharing the article Tony. These messages about health need to be reinforced over and over for awareness to change. Your help is greatly appreciated.


  2. My cardiologist and I practice both in equal and enjoyable parts. 🙂

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  3. Funny thing is science does not show that a glass of red wine is equal to an hour of exercise. To get enough resveritol to matter you would have to drink several bottles at day (somewhere between 4 & 8 bottles a day if I remember). Look a little deeper, don’t take my word for it.

    Then put that in yer pipe and smoke it! Chuckle.


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