Foods for a Leaner Body – Infographic


Some folks don’t advocate avocados because of calories and fat considerations. I think that is a mistake. Check out my post – Are avocados good for you for much more info.

Also, while olive oil is healthy, I prefer the much-maligned coconut oil. You can read my Page – Why you should include coconut oil in your diet to find out why.


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One response to “Foods for a Leaner Body – Infographic

  1. donutsplace

    I REALLY love avocados.
    They are so good for you. I started one from a seed, i’m not sure if it will produce. Many food seeds wont in grocery stores. They make them that way…on purpose.
    But sometimes you can get lucky and get one that will.
    Oh, and I read that spinach has more potassium than a banana. Imagine that. 🙂


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