Exercise to Uphold Health and Beauty

I don’t know much about Ayurveda, but every time I encounter it, I learn more good information.

This certainly is in tune with eat less; move more; live longer.

Check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain – (and exercise benefits) for more solid benefits of exercise.



The winter-to-spring transition is a delicate time, in terms of physical activity. While exercise is beneficial in balancing the natural increase of Kapha, the Vata that has accumulated in our physiologies over the long, cold winter can make us prone to joint pain, back pain and muscle spasms. Therefore it is good to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Back off if you feel any twinges or pain. As you increase your exercise, think to balance Vata at the same time. Being regular with your morning oil massage and yoga exercises, and favoring warm, nourishing foods can help pacify Vata while you wake up your Kapha. A visit to an Ayurvedic expert is the ideal way to determine how much Vata has accumulated over the winter and what procedures are best to restore a healthy balance.

That said, let’s look at the benefits of exercise. Exercise can…

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