Pressed for Time? Don’t Overlook Micro-Workouts

As an old retired guy, I am rarely pressed for time, so I can get in my 10 and 20 mile bike rides over the course of a day without much difficulty. Clearly, that wasn’t the case when I was working.


If you are still in the working world you know what I mean. Speaking of the working world, don’t forget the dangers of prolonged sitting. Get up from that desk and move around a bit every hour or so.

Regarding exercise needs, according to the 2008 U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans:

Adults 18 to 64 should get:
2.5 hours/wk of moderate intensity exercise.

OR 1.25 hours a week of vigorous aerobic physical activity
OR Some combination of the above – equivalent episodes of at least 10 minutes spread throughout the week.

The 10 minute interval cuts the issue of exercise down to more bite-sized periods. But wait, Rachel Bachman writing in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal reports that studies since 2008 have documented physical benefits from as little as one minute of intense intermittent exercise, not including a warm-up and cool down.

Bachman writes, “People are embracing micro-workouts to squeeze in a bit of movement, break up the workday or even substitute for much longer exercise sessions. The idea is to steal a few minutes for exercise rather than delaying it until you have time for an hour-long cycling class or weightlifting session at the gym.”

There are more than 700 apps with ‘minute’ in the name in Apple’s health and fitness category, more than double the 2014 total, she added.

If I find myself unable to ride because of weather or time considerations, I will often take to the stairs. This is super exercise that you can get in a short time that is also weight-bearing as well as cardio vascular.  Check out 5 Reasons stair climbing is good for you to learn more.

If you have a private office, you can always manage some yoga stretches or even get in some push ups, anything that lets your body know that you still care. We really are organic machines that need regular use.

Do you have any micro-workout ideas to share?



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4 responses to “Pressed for Time? Don’t Overlook Micro-Workouts

  1. Great stuff – when I work at home I have some light weights nearby that I do some exercises with everytime I get up. If the day is nice I will go and do 10 minutes of gardening or go for a run or walk. Anything that gets me loosened up.

    At work I take the stairs (all eight floors) and have been known to look for empty meeting rooms and blast out a few bodyweight exercises or aerobic movements (star jumps). 🙂

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