Something Lovely for a Sunday Morning



This is meant to be a pleasant interlude for you. Please take the seven plus minutes to listen to this beautiful and positive piece of music. I hope you have good speakers on your computer.

Let me say in advance that I love music. It is an integral part of my daily life. I don’t care much for gimmicky performances of it. This is clearly an exception to that.

I saw Walt Disney’s Fantasia as a child and was blown away by it. One of the songs in particular, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor took my breath away. I have it on my iPod to this day.

A friend sent me this You Tube video of it and I loved it.

I hope you feel the same.




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4 responses to “Something Lovely for a Sunday Morning

  1. Samantha

    Music… Me and my client discussed this about two weeks ago, and we both strongly agreed music can do so much for a person! It cheers me up when I need that, or it helps me get over something bad if I need that… Music does heal the soul, I like that saying. And great video, too!

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  2. Lovely! You might like a novel I read read recently about the creator of the theremin, a musical instrument even stranger than these water pipes. You can find samples of the music on line –

    It’s created using only the electromagnetic field of the body and sounds hauntingly like the human voice. The novel is good, too – “Us Conductors” by Sean Michaels

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    • Thanks, Vinnie. Will check it out. I actually am familiar with the theremin. I don’t remember why, but I know that a piece of music that I enjoyed happened to be played on one.


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