So You Like to eat Strawberries

Since the strawberries looked especially good at the supermarket today I thought I would share the following with  you. Keep in mind that strawberries are among the ten best foods for us to eat. Check out my post How healthy are Strawberries?







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3 responses to “So You Like to eat Strawberries

  1. Nice bit of sensationalism. I always love it when little posters do so much to add to the general ignorance and chemophobia of the general population. Thanks for exposing this! Nice work. Maybe you could add that more than 98% of pesticides are organic and plant-based. Also, with the “possible carcinogen” scare tactic you so deftly point out, you could include that for someone to actually experience that single-digit increase in the chance of cancer you would have to eat 450 pounds of strawberries a week… for twenty years.



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