Top 10 Foods for a Better Mood

Lots of good suggestions here. I think this follows nicely on yesterday’s post about whether food can be both delicious and nutritious.

A couple of my personal favorites here include nuts and pumpkin seeds and cocoa nibs.


If it helps your mood it helps your brain.salmon



Our Better Health

Eat these “brain-healthy” foods to keep a positive mood and healthy mind.

Sep 15, 2015   Marlynn Wei, MD, PLLC

When was the last time your therapist or doctor asked you what you’re eating?

Food is important, not just for our physical health but also for our mind. It can be an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Growing research supports the theory that what we eat everyday can improve our mood and help with treating depression and anxiety. Nutritional psychiatry (or “food psychiatry”) is a new but growing field that is becoming mainstream.

Our Westernized, so-called “cafeteria” diet is calorie-loaded, nutrient-poor, and highly processed, resulting in extra calories without real nutrition. Animal studies have found that this type of food leads to higher anxiety and depression. Foods high in sugar, fat, and sodium are very addictive and especially comforting. In fact, evolution has probably set us up this…

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  1. On that salmon, try a good high quality sweet and sour sauce, just a drizzle… It’s phenomenal! 😉

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