Can Walking Cut Chocolate Cravings?

A short, brisk walk can help to curb your cravings for cocoa, according to a study reported in LiveScience.

As a chocolate lover and avid bicycle rider, I manage my calories to include chocolate and still maintain my weight. If you are concerned about adding pounds, or inches, a brisk walk might be in order for you.

“Researchers at the University of Exeter had 25 regular chocolate eaters abstain from their favorite snack for three days. They were then assigned to either take a brisk 15-minute walk or to rest.

“The participants then performed tasks that would normally increase their chocolate jones, including a mental challenge and opening a chocolate bar. The walkers reported lower cravings both during the walk and for about 10 minutes afterward. They were also less likely to be tempted by unwrapping the candy bar,” LiveScience reported.

“Our ongoing work consistently shows that brief bouts of physical activity reduce cigarette cravings, but this is the first study to link exercise to reduced chocolate cravings,” said study team member Adrian Taylor.

“Neuroscientists have suggested common processes in the reward centers of the brain between drug and food addictions, and it may be that exercise effects brain chemicals that help to regulate mood and cravings.”

LiveScience concluded that “chocolate also has chemicals that temporarily boost our mood, making it particularly attractive under times of stress or when just sitting around. Though one scientist says it’s the temptation of chocolate that makes it so irresistible.

“Walking can have the same mood-regulating effect, without all the sugar, fat and calories.”

I am a big fan of walking. Check out my Page Why You Should Walk More to read further on walking benefits.

Walking, the ugly stepsister of the exercise world, is a dynamite weight-bearing form of exercise, if you aren’t doing anything else, please include regular walking in your life.



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2 responses to “Can Walking Cut Chocolate Cravings?

  1. Samantha

    I love walking! I also love chocolate… But I never noticed a correlation between the two. Fun poat to read 🙂

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