How does the Act of Writing Affect the Brain? Infographic

Since the start of this blog in March of 2010, I have taken several courses in the brain and its function in the human body. I thought it would be interesting and might offer some clues on losing weight and being healthy. Well, it did. I am fascinated by this amazing little organ that weighs only three pounds but, literally, runs our entire body.

Since a lot of my readers are also fellow bloggers (writers) I thought you might be interested in this infographic on the brain.


If you find your appetite for brain information piqued, please check out my Page – Important facts about your brain (and exercise benefits)

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Those posts only reach back to August of 2015. There are plenty more, but you get the picture by now. If you want to read further on the subject, type b r a i n into the search box at the right and click on the links it give you.

Good thinking!


p.s. Remember, avoid cliches like the plague! Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.


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4 responses to “How does the Act of Writing Affect the Brain? Infographic

  1. I liked the idea of stream of consciousness writing as a form of meditation. Thanks for the post, Tony!

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  2. Athena

    Hi Tony, you’re a wealth of information as always thanks for this. I find that writing and reading does put me in the ‘zone’ and it is meditative and soothing. Something about reading from paper still appeals rather than reading on a computer screen which isn’t nearly as relaxing

    Liked by 1 person

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