How to Enjoy Chocolate Without Gaining Weight

Besides eating chocolate, I thought you might enjoy consuming these fun facts about it. Come on, you didn’t really expect to be able to eat chocolate without consequences, did you? Did you forget TANSTAAFL*?

Think of this as a companion post to yesterday’s The Sweet Truth on Chocolate.

Industry statistics show that women purchase 75% of the chocolate candy sold each year. However, men buy 75% of it before Valentines Day. These V-Day purchases amount to around $1.0 billion nationwide.

Nonetheless, says that in 2009, more than 58 million pounds of chocolate were purchased and (likely) consumed in the days surrounding February 14th — that’s about $345 million worth. This year it’s projected that number will reach 60 million pounds! But, Valentine’s Day week is not the biggest week of the year for chocolate sales. According to research from the Nielsen Company, Easter historically trumps Valentine’s Day with 71 million pounds of chocolate candy purchased. Halloween trumps both of those holidays; more than 90 million pounds of chocolate candy are purchased for the spooky, treat-filled holiday.

Over the course of a year, U.S. manufacturers produce $12.2 billion worth of chocolate and cocoa products and $7.1 billion worth of other (lesser?) kinds of candy.

The average American eats 10-12 pounds of chocolate each year this is positively piddly compared with the average Swiss who eats 21 pounds. Since we have 60 per cent of us overweight and 30 per cent obese, I wonder how the Swiss compare?

The largest chocolate bar ever made weighed over 5,000 pounds and was made in Italy in 2000. Makes me proud of my Italian heritage.

Chocolate is America’s favorite flavor, according to recent surveys with a little over 50% of adults preferring chocolate to other flavors.

Japanese women give their men chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

I hope you have enjoyed savoring these calorie-free little confections. Guilt-free chocolate.

*TANSTAAFLThere Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch


What could be sweeter than Valentine wishes from Wondy?



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2 responses to “How to Enjoy Chocolate Without Gaining Weight

  1. I took the bite; I thought you had the secret to eating chocolate without gaining weight…. Oh well, the facts at least satiated my curious appetite on chocolate…not as much as eating it though….


    • Thanks for being a good sport. If you get your exercise, you can usually ‘pay for’ some chocolate.

      Because of my exercise, I am able to enjoy a Hershey bar with almonds every night and stay around 150 pounds.

      You can do it, too.



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