Mall-Walking is Good for You, But …

You probably already have heard about mall-walking, right? Groups of seniors gather in shopping malls to get their exercise walking in a heated/air-conditioned area with clean rest rooms available. Mall-walking is a good way for folks to socialize as well as accomplish a daily exercise session.

A downside to mall-walking, however, is that after the walk folks get together at a food court for breakfast or a snack. As I mentioned in the portion control posts, muffins in food courts often pack 400+ calories into their tasty outsized shapes.

At a rate of 100 calories per mile, you would need to walk over four miles to break even on this transaction. If you only walked two miles, about a half hour, you would be 200 calories in deficit after your exercise.

You really do need to keep focused about your eating in relation to your exercise.

Don’t Out-Eat your Exercise.

This is not meant to discourage you from walking in malls or otherwise. Walking in my opinion is the Cinderella of the exercise world – vastly unappreciated. Check out Walking: Trim your waistline, improve your health, How Good is Walking for You? – Infographic, How to Burn More Calories Walking – Infographic, Is Walking as Effective an Exercise as Running?, Why You Should be Walking More.



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6 responses to “Mall-Walking is Good for You, But …

  1. @fitone

    So true. Many people don’t have a clue as to how many calories they eat on a daily basis.


    • It is ironic. Many folks refuse to count calories because it is too complicated. Yet, we have computer programs and phone apps that will do all the work. Also, after a week or so, you end up knowing the calorie counts of your regular diet anyway. So, you don’t even need the device. At least that was my experience.


      • @fitone

        Yes, the apps they have for tracking calories these days are amazing. But, even if you are not into technology, it’s fairly easy just to track calories by reading nutrition labels


  2. stephieann8

    I’m a counting calorie pro at this point. My grandmother taught me when I was just a tween!

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