Men & Women & Weight … loss

Men and women have significantly different approaches to their body weight. In a very real way they look at the same thing and come up with different conclusions.

As I mentioned in the About Me section of this blog, I have taken a course in Nutrition from The Great Courses.

It is really well done, taught by Professor Roberta H. Anding Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital M.S., Louisiana State University.

In the lecture on obesity, Professor Anding points out that boys grow up and out under the puberty and they add lean muscle mass through testosterone. Girls, however, grow up and fill out under the influence of estrogen. They add body fat which is perfectly normal, but many girls are troubled by this. They see their brothers looking lean and they feel ‘fat’ by comparison.

Growing up, boys are less likely to think they are overweight and they are more accepting of personal weight gain as they are likely adding lean muscle mass. Professor Anding makes clear that in early adulthood the same number of men want to gain weight as lose it. However, women at this time predominantly want to lose weight.

Adult males tend to see themselves as overweight at higher weights. Women, however, feel they are overweight when they are much closer to their ideal body weight.

Professor Anding reports some studies say that adult women only feel thin when they are 10% below their ideal weight.

The course consists of 36 lectures and includes a very detailed guidebook as well. I recommend it to anyone who has the time and interest in learning more about this fascinating subject.

No matter which sex you are a member of, you can read some excellent guidelines on my Page – How to Lose Weight – and Keep it Off.



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