What to do when your body asks, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

Do you have a friend or acquaintance that always seems to be needing some kind of attention? No matter what you do, it never seems to be enough. It always feels like the person is saying, “What have you done for me lately?”

This is what we call high maintenance. Many folks, short of sainthood, try to shed these acquaintances if possible as they can never be satisfied.

Ironically, every one of us is in such a relationship literally ‘until death do us part.’ No, it isn’t with our spouse or significant other. It is the relationship we have with our own body.


We wake up in the morning and the first thing we do is relieve the discomfort of a full bladder. Then we have to clean up. The next thing is to get some food/fuel into it. Probably also some kind of stimulant like tea or coffee with caffeine in it to jack up our alertness. The demands never seem to end.

We can heed these needs like the first ones and try to do justice by them, or we can play ostrich and ignore them hoping they will go away. Sadly, when we do this, we become our own worst enemy.

Our bodies demand food, but not just what tastes good to us. They need to be nourished or they won’t function properly and will start to deteriorate and break down in small ways at first. Over a period of time, the deterioration blossoms into some kind of real sickness that ultimately requires medical attention.

We need to learn the proper foods and quantities that will keep us healthy and satisfied without going overboard and creating a weight problem.

Also, our bodies must have exercise. The irrefutable law of the body is ‘use it or lose it.’ We can’t let the only exercise we have be jamming our heads into the sand and ignoring our own physical requirements. If we fail to exercise, our waistlines expand and our clothes never seem to fit right any more. And that is the least of our worries. Over a period of time, such neglect leads to true deterioration and disease, again requiring medical attention. Remember Exercise is Not Optional.

Maintaining a healthy happy body takes Focus, Effort and Discipline (FED). Decide to take the first step today… and a second step tomorrow. The road to good health is attainable. All you have to do is decide you will do what is necessary to get there and stay in that condition. You need good nourishing food in reasonable quantities and regular exercise.

When your body asks, “What have you done for me lately?” Make sure you have a good answer for it.



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5 responses to “What to do when your body asks, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

  1. Coffee is mana from heaven Tony. I quit drugs, alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco, soda and candy… You can have my French Press when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

    Ironically enough, it has more anti-oxidants than any other foodstuff known to mankind. Or womankind for that matter. Woohoo!

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  2. I am a coffee drinker myself. Went the French Press route years ago when I first traveled in Europe. As a lazy cook, I now am a Keurig guy.


  3. I often ask my clients during cool down to think of one positive change that they can make for a healthier life today. I think small changes makes them seem more manageable. Great post Tony!

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