Is Sugar As Dangerous as Alcohol?

Many people are saying yes and calls have started to regulate sugar in food and beverages.

The report ran in the research journal Nature and points to sugar as a greater health burden than infectious disease as it is behind heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

We have an epidemic of obesity with 30 percent of us suffering from it and another 30 percent of us overweight and possibly on the way to obesity. In addition, we have teenagers coming down with adult onset diabetes.

But, we don’t need the government stepping in and making laws about sugar consumption. What we eat is a private matter and we need to be more sensible about it and get those onerous obesity statistics going the other direction.

The way to regulate our sugar intake is for us to be smarter about what we eat. It’s on you and me to decide for ourselves. The last thing we need is the government sticking its heavy hand into our kitchen cupboards.



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6 responses to “Is Sugar As Dangerous as Alcohol?

  1. Sadly, they use reports like the one you quoted to do exactly what you say we don’t need (government regulating what we eat). These are dark times indeed… and the sad thing is the regulations are just smoke screens to keep the gullible distracted. Being a recovering alcoholic though, I’m not afraid to call that report BS. Regulation can only make it more difficult to get – and ensure a thriving black market. I’d sell my construction company and go into chocolate chip cookie baking… I’d make a fortune!

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  2. Last week I had my car serviced and when I went to pay, the administrator had to wait for an invoice to be sent from a supplier. In the less than twenty minutes it took for the invoice to come through, and while she kept chatting to me about Christmas, the weather and other such small-talk; I watched her consume a WHOLE packet of confectionery. Apart from the fact that I would have thought it a no-no to eat food of any kind in front of a client, I was horrified that someone could consume 2000 kilo-joules (~500 calories) in empty sugar calories in such a short time and it was no wonder she failed my EBT (eye-ball-test). I think like wearing seat-belts, some people really do need protecting from themselves.

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