This Fine Belief May Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease

This seems to be more good news about Alzheimer’s disease which ravages our older population.

The Alzheimer’s Association reports that:
*One in nine people age 65 and older suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. *About one in three people over age 85 has it.
*Some 81 percent of people who have Alzheimer’s are over 75 years old.

As I have lost three close family members to Alzheimer’s and dementia, I have a keen interest in the subject. Check out my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise benefits) to learn more.



Our Better Health

This belief about ageing may protect against memory loss linked to Alzheimer’s.

Holding more positive beliefs about ageing may protect against Alzheimer’s disease, a new study finds.

The results come from one of the longest-running studies of ageing in the US.

People who thought of the old in negative terms, such as being decrepit, were more likely to show signs of Alzheimer’s themselves.

Dr Becca Levy, who led the study, said:

“We believe it is the stress generated by the negative beliefs about aging that individuals sometimes internalize from society that can result in pathological brain changes.
Although the findings are concerning, it is encouraging to realize that these negative beliefs about aging can be mitigated and positive beliefs about aging can be reinforced, so that the adverse impact is not inevitable.”

Brain scans of participants found that those with negative ageing beliefs had smaller hippocampi.

In fact, those with…

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