How Important is a Good Breakfast?

A recent online study by a Cornell University research team demonstrated how important a good breakfast is to healthy individuals.

“The study showed that the most common breakfast items consumed by slim people were fruits and vegetables (51%), dairy (41%), cold cereal / granola (33%), bread (32%), eggs (31%), hot cereal (29%), coffee (26%). Only 4% of participants indicated that they didn’t eat breakfast.

Slim by Design infographic

“One important take away from this study is that a very high rate of slim people actually eat breakfast instead of skipping, which is consistent with previous research on the importance of breakfast,” explains lead author  Anna-Leena Vuorinen, “But what stands out is that they not only ate breakfast, but that they ate healthful foods like fruits and vegetables. Also, egg consumption was higher than we expected.” If the Food and Brand Lab has a refrain of its own it’s: do what slim people do.”



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2 responses to “How Important is a Good Breakfast?

  1. I am slim people and I used to skip for the longest time… Once I started cycling though, I couldn’t stand being that hungry in the morning so I go with a banana and an apple or two (or some mixed nuts every now and again). I like starting off the day ultra healthy like that… Don’t know why I do though. Interesting post Tony.

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    • Thanks for sharing, Jim. As I ride first thing in the morning, I start with a tablespoon of peanut butter dipped in coconut oil. Lots of energy there. Also, personally, it tastes delicious. When I return from the ride I have a smoothie packed with all kinds of goodies.

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