What About Creamy Vs. Crunchy Peanut Butter? – Infographic

As regular readers know, I love peanut butter. I start every morning with a fork full of crunchy peanut butter dipped in coconut oil. I love the taste of this and know that it provides me with energy for my morning bike ride. If you aren’t familiar with the benefits of coconut oil, check out my Page – Why You Should Include Coconut Oil in your Diet.




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3 responses to “What About Creamy Vs. Crunchy Peanut Butter? – Infographic

  1. I’m a peanut butter lover as well, and it’s great to hear someone else dips their crunchy in coconut oil! I thought I was crazy haha. I wonder if this chart would look any different if they were comparing natural PB? (I’m guessing they just used standard, because of the sugar content).

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    • I consider the PB/coconut oil a delicious and extremely nutritious snack. Besides starting every day with it. I often dip in during the day, too. Especially if I have packed on a few miles on the bike.

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  2. Crunchy. Gotta be crunchy.


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