U.S. Calorie Consumption Down Dramatically Since 2003

We finally have some good news on the body weight front. The University of North Carolina Food Research Center analyzing data from the Centers for Disease Control has come up with some very positive conclusions about how many calories we are consuming.

Having written about calories specifically yesterday, I thought this general post on U.S. calorie consumption would follow nicely.

The Daily Mail offered the following bullet points:

• Calories consumed by American adult undergoing their first sustained decline since government started monitoring them more than 40 years ago
• Reached peak in 2003 after having risen inexorably since the late 1970s
• Average calorie consumption by children is down by at least nine per cent
• Obesity rates have stopped rising among adults and school-age children
• Average American now drinks 25 per cent less soda than in the late 1990s
• Experts think people more aware of damage to health by eating so much


I have to confess that I am very pleasantly surprised that Americans seem to be making a lot more intelligent choices when it comes to their meals and snacks.

“There have been suggestions that recessionary pressures have forced Americans to stop spending so much on food.

“However, experts say the most important reason is that people are simply more aware they are damaging their health by eating so much.

“The improvement has been most marked in households with children” The Daily Mail reported.


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