Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Calories – Infographic

Probably the most talked about subject in the health and fitness world is – CALORIES. So I thought this infographic might help to fill in some blanks you might have about calories.



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4 responses to “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Calories – Infographic

  1. It’s been a long time since I’ve truly worried about calories. I burn an extra 13,000 a week on the bike. I eat burgers and pizza. It is what it is.


    • Thanks for your sharing your thoughts. It is impressive that you are burning that kind of a total, but I think you need to be careful about the bad fats. Robust good health can be seductive. I truly believe that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.

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      • Well that depends on your definition of bad… my definition is actually good by normal standards. My portions are small and I don’t overdo it. I just don’t shy away from the good stuff. As far as fats go, when the doctor says anything other than “keep doing exactly what you are doing”, I’ll change for sure.


  2. Sounds like you have it down. Way to go. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, or on the blog. If your cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are good, then you are doing the right thing. Keep up the good work!


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