Exercise is my hobby

Here is a wonderful write up about exercise that I think can help you on your way to good health and eliminating problems with your weight.

Eat less; move more; live longer.

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Read on!

Joseph Sacco

We find too many people that view various forms of exercise as something they should do to lose weight or look better, which is fine, but there are many of us who view it as a hobby. When exercise becomes a hobby you no longer dread your workouts in fact you often think of them, looking forward to them. Developing a perspective that you are not exercising to achieve some goal, but instead it is a form of pleasure, provides you with a long term outlook. If I exercise to lose 10 pounds, what happens when I shed the 10 pounds? Maybe I will stop exercising because I have achieved my goal, but if the weight loss was just one of the results of enjoying my hobby, I am more likely to keep pursuing my hobby.

exercise yoga class

I am convinced that exercise has a somewhat negative connotation for many people. They feel…

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