My Apple Watch Promotes My Good Health

I wrote the following in the introduction to my first Apple Watch post, early this month: “I have owned my Apple watch just under a month now. For the record, I am a big fan of Apple. I bought my first Apple II+ back in 1979 and upgraded to a Fat Mac in 1984. I bought the stock when it became available and I have continued to update my home Apple computer (both on my desktop and laptop) ever since.”

My smartphone is an iPhone 6 Plus.

apple_watch_2 I have posted about my new Apple Watch twice previously. The first time was about general health – How My Apple Watch Keeps Me Healthy. And, the second went into workouts in general and biking in particular. How My Apple Watch Helps Me to Exercise.

I am thinking this will be the third and final write up of the Watch. I consider it ancillary to the first two. It uses the workout app, but it is a part of the daily routine of my life.

Here it is: I now count my dog walking as an outdoor walk workout. Previously it was just me taking the dog out so she could take care of her business. With the Watch, however, I can specify how far I want to walk, or just leave it open and let the Watch keep track. This has raised my awareness about my own physical activity. I always just thought of the walk as the dog’s exercise and latrine business. I was simply along to see that she got it done and returned home.

The Watch counts time and distance of the walk. With the usual Apple elegance, there is a three second countdown timer and then the actual time is counted in 100ths of a second. Clearly that is a much finer brush than I care to paint with.

Since I began plugging the walk into the Watch, I have become aware of how far we walk each time. I have set a minor goal of 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile on each excursion. As a result I now walk a total of 1.5 to 2.3 miles in three installments each day.

Here is the exact information that the Watch gives me after a walk:
Aug 1, 2015    3:54 PM – 4:48 PM 82F Partly cloudy
Total distance 0.86 MI
Total Time 0:33:39
Active calories 59
Resting calories 51
Avg pace 39″ 14″ per mile

I have never owned or used a Fitbit, Jawbone or any of the other motion trackers so I have no idea about their feedback.

Before I had the Watch the walks were shorter and less structured and I had no idea how far we went. So, this is another way that owning the Apple Watch has made my life more enjoyable and raised my awareness of this form of exercise that I had been careless about and taking for granted. I expected to enjoy the Watch giving me information on my physical activities. I didn’t expect it to change them as it has my dog walking.

Now it is a further source of exercise and exercise information for both myself and my dog. And because I write a blog on diet, exercise and living longer, I end up with a third post on the good thing about owning the Apple Watch.


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