Should you grab life by the bells? Science and kettlebells!

Fascinating take on kettle bells, a subject on which my ignorance is nearly pristine.


Is it healthful?

As I finish my morning run, my eyes become drawn to a group of young and trendies in a circle. They’re swinging what looks like a kettle up and down and I can only presume they must be in a who can damage their back the most contest.  As a physiotherapist and low back pain sufferer, I cringe. No, wrong, I feel physically ill.  I want to intervene, but I fear these kettlebell wielding youths will turn on me. What I do next will shock you!

Yes, I go inside to research kettlebells.

I put in a paragraph there to give you sufficient time to be shocked. Did I come out minutes later with a barrage of scientific evidence to fire at these yucky yuppies? Read on to find out!


Kettlebells and exercise performance:

I was certain these kettlebellers were damaging their backs, so I thought I’d have a bit of a gander (look) at what…

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