Slow Down for the weekend – Infographics

Two of these have to do with slowing down your life. That seems appropriate for the weekend.

Besides these lovely ideas, please check out my Page – Why you Should Walk More for a full explanation of the benefits of walking. I consider walking to be the Cinderella of the exercise world, totally unappreciated, but really the belle of the ball.


The little infographic is one of the best explanations of why just trying to lose weight is non-successful most of the time. if you get your thinking straight first, you can be successful at losing weight. But, it is more than just not looking bad. If you are willing to alter your life to remove excess pounds and integrating intelligent eating and regular exercise, you will see  you pounds melt off and stay off, not to mention having more energy and a generally more positive outlook. For the full story check out my Page – How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off.

82e630b94db3c2d18250c7db6a62b460Slow down your life. Learn how to meditate. Take some time every day to let your mind savor stillness. Our hustle bustle daily lives too often leave no time for this and we pay a heavy price. You can learn more about relaxation and the brain on my Page – Important Facts About Your Brain.


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