5 Fitness Myths Busted – Infographic

Since bad information is worse than no information, I thought I would pass this along.

Must say I was gratified to learn that running on a treadmill is not helpful. Something about those machines gives me the willies.




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4 responses to “5 Fitness Myths Busted – Infographic

  1. Thanks! This info confirms my beliefs. For awhile there I was unable to lose some stubborn pounds and I was over-exercising. Once I stopped trying so hard and relaxed a bit, the extra pounds came off effortlessly.


  2. Reblogged this on Your Gateway to Health and commented:
    I saw this post from fellow blogger Tony and thought it is very worth while to pass on to you. Too many people have misconceptions about exercise and this explains some of them.
    In fitness, Bob


  3. Nwagbara mike

    Very intresting post.am a fitness trainer I want to find out if there is any harm of taking suplement to bust muscle growth or wether natural food is the best

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