9 Ways That Excessive Sitting Can Harm You – Infographic

I have written about the dangers of prolonged sitting before and I think it is a message that can’t be repeated too often.


You can read further details on this by checking out my Page – Do You Know the Dangers of Too Much Sitting?

The new Apple Watch has an alert that reminds you that you have been sitting too long.



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7 responses to “9 Ways That Excessive Sitting Can Harm You – Infographic

  1. Reblogged this on The EndPoint Business Blog and commented:
    The Apple watch sitting alert is something I need. Hope there’s an app for that on the iPhone too.

    I have read and been guilty of being sedentary (mostly computer work) but to see it in an infographic makes the consequences clearer and scarier.


  2. Reading this made me get up and do some walking around. Even moved to the elliptical to read my text. Thanks for the reminder!!!!


    • Thanks for your comment and congrats on being moved to move. The whole ‘sitting’ thing is astonishing to me. It seems so innocuous and yet prolonged sitting can damage to your health. Glad you could use it!

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  3. oh, what good reminders! guilty!!!!! ;-(


  4. Adamu Saidu

    Please I need remainder every time
    Thank you very much.

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