Diet + Exercise = Success

I wanted to run this because, first of all, I thought it was beautiful and, second, it really got an important message across. It seems most people want to lose weight because they want to look better. Unfortunately, I think that is superficial and one of the reasons that more than 60 percent of us are overweight and 30 percent of us outright obese. The idea is to get healthy. The weight will take care of itself. This picture shows you the ratio. You don’t just tack on some health club time and slim down. You integrate exercise into your daily life, eat intelligently and your weight problems will disappear.


If you want a good rundown of how to do it, check out my Page – How to Lose Weight and Keep it off. It has worked for me for the past five years. It can work for you, too.



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4 responses to “Diet + Exercise = Success

  1. Reblogged this on The EndPoint Business Blog and commented:
    How true. I think diet is the bulk of it when it comes to weight loss.


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