20 Benefits of Walking – Infographic

I couldn’t be a bigger fan of walking. I consider walking to be the Cinderella of the exercise world. Maybe the Rodney Dangerfield would be more accurate. Nobody gives it very much respect. Yet it benefits us in so many ways.


Although Number six said it is a low impact exercise, it is nonetheless a weight bearing exercise which we all need for strong bones.

Please don’t stop here. I have a Page dedicated to the benefits of walking – Why You Should Walk More. There are lots more ways that your body, brain and mind can benefit.



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8 responses to “20 Benefits of Walking – Infographic

  1. And of course if you can manage a walk that includes both blue and green elements – a rural location including water – the effects on productivity, creativity and stress levels are doubled 🙂

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  3. Simple is the best.

    Thank you for sharing this ;))


  4. I have come to enjoy walking (including hiking) even more lately. When I ran almost exclusively walking was almost a fitness shame for me ie not worthy but really? SO much easier to just go!


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