8 Benefits of Yoga – Infographic

I was fortunate enough to get involved with yoga about 30 years ago when I was dating a woman who also taught yoga. I practiced religiously for years after she and I had gone our separate ways. To this day, I am grateful for learning how to still my body and reduce my stress by the simple practice of controlling my breathing. As you can see from the infographic below there are profound benefits to doing yoga. There is also a good section on myth-information about yoga.


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5 responses to “8 Benefits of Yoga – Infographic

  1. Great post! I LOVE yoga, for all these reasons, and more! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on VEGGIES, YARNS & TAILS and commented:
    I LOVE yoga for all these reasons and many more.
    Do you practice yoga on a regular basis?
    Have a happy, healthy week. 🙂


  3. I love yoga! I started doing it regularly a few month ago because of digestive problems that I was having and it worked a treat! I’m now at the stage when I am eager to progress onto a slightly more advanced level but as yet I haven’t managed to find any resources to help me. Due to strange shift patterns I haven’t been able to attend classes so I am left doing home DVDs and looking online for inspiration. I’m hoping I can find a class near my work to start attending but no luck so far!


    • I haven’t gone to a public class for years, all I use is the DVDs in my living room. Yoga has become so popular, though, I can’t imagine that you would have much of a problem unless you aren’t in a big city. Good luck and thanks for writing.


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