What is the Secret Ingredient to a Healthy, Happy Life?

This is one of those great quotes like “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” that works perfectly. I have been lucky enough to find bike riding. Think about what might work for you. Do you like to garden? I have heard wonderful feedback from folks who do that. How about dancing, running, skiing, skating? The list goes on. If you are in a four season climate like me, you might have to find more than one for when Mother Nature says “Not today.”


I confess the health club turns me off. Watching the folks on treadmills just makes me think of being in prison. The air even seems stale. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work out. You don’t need to go a health club to be healthy. Just Move Ya Body.

Of course you have to eat intelligently, too. Eat less; move more.


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  1. Absolutely! The more you enjoy something, the longer you will stick to it. Great post Tony.


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