Body Hacks for a Longer Life – Infographic

As 2014 winds down, a lot of us are re-evaluating things heading into 2015. Here are a number of helpful and healthful hacks that can keep the only equipment humming along for another 12 months.

Eat less; move more will win the day. Remember that Exercise is Not Optional.




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5 responses to “Body Hacks for a Longer Life – Infographic

  1. Chelsey

    Really nice article, for people who are constantly following a diet/exercise focused lifestyle, they forget about these kinds of basics and make a healthy lifestyle feel/seem so extreme. For a lot of people, making healthy switches/incorporations really doesn’t need to be so drastic.


  2. Great infographic.

    I’m glad it touches on the intellectual aspect. Keeping the mind trained is just as important as keeping the body fit. As a Physiotherapist, I have seen countless cases of older individuals who shut off their brain following retirement and this is evident in their diminished ability to converse. This is in contrast to the elderly who continue to learn throughout life and are incredibly sharp.



    • Thanks for your very informed comment, Andrew. As a person with dementia and Alzheimer’s in his family, I am very sensitive to the mental side of life in general. I have a Page on the brain and exercise.


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