This Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Child’s Brain

Every time a caregiver has a positive, engaging verbal interaction with a child, neural connections are strengthened in their rapidly growing brain. That said, words streaming from a radio, television, or someone talking on a cellphone are of no benefit. Interesting, right?

Regular readers know that the Alzheimer’s and dementia in my family has made me keenly aware of brain issues. To read further on the importance and function of the brain, check out my Page:Important facts about your brain.


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If there existed one, simple thing you could do to improve your child’s performance every day at school, in addition to their long-term educational and health outcomes, earnings, and family stability, you’d want to do it, right?

Well, believe it or not, this one, simple thing does exist. And it’s probably even simpler than you think. The answer? Talk to your children.

Studies have shown that babies need something besides the latest, whiz-bang stroller, interactive toy, or car seat to get a good start to their intellectual, emotional and physical development. They need words — songs, nursery rhymes, casual chitchat, books and bedtime stories. All that babbling you find yourself doing when around an adorable toddler isn’t frivolous or silly: it’s brain-building. Talking to a baby doesn’t just encourage language development specifically. It’s essential to brain development overall.

Every time a caregiver has…

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