3 Pinterest Posts That Can Help You Take Weight Off

Regular readers know that I lost 50 pounds in 52 weeks, having had a weight problem most of my life. So, if you are working on losing weight, I know your struggle. I also believe that while losing weight takes place in your body, it results from what you have in your mind. I think the following Pinterest items can help you with that a lot.


This is the perfect example of that. Start eating for nutrition and quit eating like a child because ‘it tastes so good.” There is nothing wrong with enjoying your food, but don’t put the cart before the horse and overeat because of the flavor.


Another critical concept. Relax, you put the weight on over the past years, right? Don’t expect to take in off in a week or two. Losing more than a pound a week is rarely healthy. Don’t make your body pay more for your past eating abuses.

2079c737f1bb8b7a128b774a62781571Although this came from a woman’s board and is on what I would call the superficial side, the fact remains it is true. I would guess that the majority of weight control efforts are based on vanity. People want to look better, more attractive. That isn’t the worst thing, but I hope that in your quest for a better appearance, you settle down and understand that once you start eating right and working out you are reaching into good health. Face it, nothing looks better or more attractive than a vibrant healthy person. And, the good news is that the healthy person will live longer and better, too. That’s the best reason to get control of your weight.

Eat less; move more.

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