5 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning – Guest Post

This is a guest post by Daisy Rachel
A Passionate blogger. Daisy works on behalf of Ehic the European Health Insurance Card. Daisy is an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through articles on Health, Education, Technology, Yoga to name a few.

Daisy doing yoga

Daisy doing yoga


Habits can be defined as the things that we do every day. They can be positive or negative. Habits can easily be formed but sometimes not very easily broken. That is why it is advisable to form good habits to lead healthy productive lives. Healthy people have particular habits that they carry out each day. In this post, I enumerate five positive things that healthy people do every morning.
They drink water as soon as they wake up
· Drinking water is important because it re-hydrates your body, revvs it up, and keeps your body processes moving.
· Water also makes your skin smooth and aids digestion. Remember, that your body is 65% water and by the time you are feeling thirsty, you will have lost about 1 percent of water.
· To remain healthy, drink water immediately after coming out of bed.

They start their day positively

· If you set the tone of your morning by forgetting all your worries and thinking positively, you are likely to lead the rest of the day well.
· You can recite a positive verse or just sit somewhere still for 15 minutes as you meditate about your blessings.
· If you visualize a good day ahead then chances are that your day will be good.

They move their bodies

· It does not necessarily mean serious exercise but moving your body after waking up will awaken your systems. You can stretch, run, or do some yoga inside your house. These will produce amazing results.
· If you move your body the first thing in the morning, you will be relieving it of stress and clearing your mind for the day ahead. Thus, you will feel energized.
· Small exercises every morning will also fight off diseases such as blood pressure, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.
. Many healthy people will do yoga and meditation to control their body and mind.

They eat breakfast

· You should consume breakfast within one hour of waking up and ensure that it has it has 3 micro nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins and fats
· According to nutritionists, eating breakfast is one of the healthiest decisions that you can make. If you eat breakfast in the morning, you consume a lot of minerals and essential vitamins.
· Eating breakfast in the morning also makes you feel happier and healthier. This contributes positively to your overall health. Prefer to take organic food as the breakfast.

They plan their day ahead

· Setting some time each morning to plan you day is very productive. Make sure that you list all the tasks in the order of priority. Remember that when a task is planned it becomes less stressful. Planning will also make your task more manageable.
· Planning will remove anxiety from your work so that you perform them in relaxed mood. When planning, ensure that you set some time for any other activity that might come up.
In brief, for you to start your day in a healthy manner you should eat breakfast, drink water, exercise, start the day positively, and plan your day. Nevertheless, sickness can rob you of energy in the morning. If that happens, it is important that you visit your medical care giver.

Above all, stay positive to lead a long healthy life.

Daisy Rachel

Clearly Daisy’s ideas fit with the eat less; move more mantra of this blog. Check out the infographic Why Drink Water First Thing in the Morning for more details.


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