A Decade-by-decade Guide to Optimal Nutrition for Men

Great ideas here. Good clear guidance on realizing where we are in life’s continuum and acting and eating accordingly.

Cooking with Kathy Man

Think your nutrition needs stay the same your whole adult life? Think again: Every decade has its own pitfalls and concerns, from weight creep to heart disease, and this changes what — and how much — you need to eat during each life stage. Check out our handy guide to figure out which foods will help boost your health no matter your age.

20s: High Energy

You’re no couch potato! In your 20s, you’re likely in college or working in your first job after graduating, and your spare time is filled with sports, hiking and other active pursuits. Savor the decade, because it means you can get away with downing more calories than your older brethren without piling on weight. “But just because you can eat a lot of calories doesn’t mean they should be empty calories,” says Keith Ayoob, EdD, RD, FADA, a former Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics…

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