Running… is it good or bad for your body?

I think there is a lot of good information here that is worthwhile for anyone interested in running. Running can work, but it is easy to get hurt doing it. Regular readers know that I feel strongly that walking is a great exercise for both the mind and the body. There are very few walking injuries.

I have two posts that might be good follow-ups for this item. First is my Page – Why You Should Walk More, second is Why You Shouldn’t Run a Marathon.


Shaun Gray Biokineticist

Running is an exercise most able bodied people either are participating in currently, have done so in the past or have thought about as an exercise to help improve their fitness or even to lose weight. The big question I get asked frequently is “Is running good for you?” and to that there are multiple answers. I know people in their late 60’s – early 70’s that have been running for over 30 years with no problems but I also know people in their early 30’s that have been running for less than 2 years with major injuries caused from running. What is the difference between them, that one person can run injury free and the next not?

There are a couple of variables that will help you stay injury free (not guarantee you will always be injury free). The first variable is the individual’s body shape and make up…

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