How Good is Walking for You? – Infographic

Here is another of those one picture is worth a thousand words posts. (I may be stretching the idea of picture by calling an infographic one.)

I consider walking to be the Cinderella of the exercise world. Nobody appreciates how great it is. Every senior should do it. Here are some of my past walking posts: How to Burn More Calories Walking, Walking Reduces Heart Disease in People at Risk, Can Walking Cut Chocolate Cravings? How Healthy is Walking? Mall-Walking,Walking, Not Just Sudoku for Seniors.



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One response to “How Good is Walking for You? – Infographic

  1. Leigh

    Thank you soooo much, for such consise, interesting points. Written in such a friendly down to earth manner. Really really appreciated, especially as I suddenly have health issues and realise it’s psychological as much as anything, I can stop feeling oooolllllldddd and take action!


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