What are Some Good Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar? – Infographic

Apple cider vinegar is one of those foods that “a little goes a long way.” If you want to include it in your diet, a simple way is to mix a tablespoon of it with a tablespoon of honey and add to water or drink like that.

Mr. Lazy Cook includes an ounce in his daily morning smoothie.

Last, but not least, apple cider vinegar helps to suppress appetite and can assist in weight loss.




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4 responses to “What are Some Good Reasons to Use Apple Cider Vinegar? – Infographic

  1. I have this in my diet and also from brewing Kambucha which has this as its base in the first batch, I get similar effects and then some. I can attest to it’s value as a nutritional add on, well worth including and as a little goes a long way it really is an inexpensive way to give yourself another little boost.


  2. I love, love ACV… and truthfully I could use it all the time… only I love it more with salt, which we all know is not good for us. I used to cut cucumbers and soak them in ACV and add salt… it’s so good… but again, the salt is not good for me. I do try very hard to not use salt when I use it. But truthfully, if salt wasn’t bad for me, I’d eat tomatoes, cukes, and other veggies soaked in salt and vinegar and I would be just fine with that as my diet. When I was a kid, and I was a very skinny kid and teenager, I used to drink pickle juice by the jars full. I never thought it wasn’t bad to do. Now I just try to use the ACV when I think of it because to have it everyday, I’d want to add salt. Every once in a while I do take a tablespoon straight from the bottle. I think maybe I need to do that more often. Thanks for this post! 🙂


    • Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment. It is fascinating how attractive certain foods are to us because of how they taste. I happen to love both salt and sugar which is why I had a bad weight problem for a long time. I would eat potato chips at night and then finish off with chocolate. You might consider trying some salt substitutes. The first that comes to mind is parmesan cheese. At least that has some food value. Check google for other salt substitutes. You may find yourself eating more veggies before you know it.

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