Are Hidden Chemicals Making You Overweight?

The synthetic chemicals used in artificial sweeteners (ironically promoted as the diet version of sugar) can also wreak havoc on hormones and contribute to weight gain. Fitzgerald cites a study by the American Cancer Association that tracked eighty thousand women for six years. Women who used artificial sweeteners gained more weight than women who avoided these products.

Our Better Health

Michelle Schoffro Cook     June 12, 2014

Are you having trouble losing unwanted extra weight even though you exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet and exercise?  Maybe the plastics in your life are adding inches to your waistline.  Research reveals that synthetic chemicals found in plastic can interfere with normal cell development in the body. These chemicals have been classified as endocrine disruptors and specific types known as obesogens have been linked to increased body fat and fatty liver, which further causes weight gain.

The body’s endocrine system secretes hormones to cells, organ and glands to regulate everything from mood to sexual function and growth and metabolism. Obesogens mimic certain hormones and these imposters have the ability to create fat cells or add fat to existing fat cells. Considering plastic is not a recognized food group, how are these chemicals getting into our body? They can be found in plastic…

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