Why Does Alzheimer’s Affect Some People Differently?

Scores of studies have also shown that physical activity is also vital for brain health and building up cognitive reserve. Exercise seems to affect the brain directly, and increases the connections within the brain. It also affects brain health because if your heart and lungs are strong and healthy, more oxygen-rich blood circulates to the brain. Exercise also controls and reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure – both things that affect brain and memory.

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This is a question I am quite often asked. One person remarked, “Both my mother-in-law and father have Alzheimer’s. The specialist has said they are both at about the same stage in the physical progression of it, but my mother-in-law has remained fairly lucid, while my father has memory loss and confusion. Why is this?”
Tau Brain
The Harvard Medical School’s Advisor has reported that the tremendous number of connections between the cells in a healthy brain provide an infinite capacity for processing information, and also provides a margin of safety in case some cells are damaged. Sadly, in Alzheimer’s the wholesale destruction eliminates the safety net, especially in the brain areas involved in memory.

But as in the case of the mother-in-law and father Alzheimer’s doesn’t always affect people in the same way or with the same severity. These two people may have the same amount of the plaques and tangles…

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