How Exercise Makes You Happy – Infographic

I have written about the impact of exercise on the brain a number of times. You can check out my Page Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise) to read more. Here is a chance to see more.




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4 responses to “How Exercise Makes You Happy – Infographic

  1. Exercise is one of those strange things that we know we love when we’re doing but find it hard to start doing… sometimes we struggle with simple logic.


    • Thanks for you comment. I certainly agree that people have widely divergent views on exercise. Sometimes we can’t see the woods for the trees.


      • I was a total exercise junkie at one point and wish I could get back to that but I am on the way. I find these days if I start with some strenuous housework or something I really enjoy but which doesn’t feel like exercise then before I know it I’m off and can’t stop.


      • Wonderful! That is a great way to get into it. I’m sure serious housework is excellent exercise. I love the idea of getting a useful workout without going to a health club. Keep up the good work!


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