How Google Glass Can Help You Lose Weight

Google Glass is part of the new mediated reality movement. Wikipedia describes mediated reality as a view of reality modified by a computer. It is often called augmented reality because it enhances one’s view. But the enhancement can actually be a reduction in the world being perceived. This is in contrast to virtual reality which replaces the real world with a simulated one.

A couple of years ago researchers at the University of Tokyo created software that could be used with the Google Glass or any of the new head mounted devices that changes the appearance of the world in front of you. An Oreo cookie can be magnified to 1.5 times its size so that the person wearing the glasses feels like he is eating a giant-sized Oreo.


Experiments at the Hirose-Tanikawa Laboratory at the University of Tokyo conducted just such an experiment. Team member, Takuji Narumi said, “This technology can stimulate a feeling of having eaten enough visually. We’ve found that when food looks bigger, you feel full right away, but when it looks small, you don’t feel full even if you eat a lot.”

Subjects tested with glasses magnifying Oreos by 50 percent actually ate 10 percent less than their counterparts who did not have their reality augmented.

Conversely, when the glasses provided a reduced cookie image, the wearers ate more.

The You Tube video is from the actual study which was done in 2012. The subjects are not wearing Google Glass.

I think the most important lesson I learned in weight loss was the importance of portion control. This augmentation of reality seems to use that principle in that they are magnifying the portion visually which appears to convince the brain that you are consuming a larger amount of the treat than is actually the case. With 66 percent of us overweight and at least 33 pct outright obese, this kind of augmentation might have practical applications.



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  1. Cool, I can eat giant salads. YUM!


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