Fitness: Beyond Your Gym Attendance

The bottom line is you can’t expect to pick and choose what you are willing to do to be fit and healthy. Being fit is something you work toward all day long. Decide to strive for the full package – healthy inside and out. Look healthy because you ARE healthy!


fitness is a lifestyle Have you heard that saying, “you can stand in the garage, but that doesn’t make you a car? Well the same applies to fitness.

Going to the gym doesn’t make you fit. Even doing an occasional intense workout doesn’t necessarily get you fit either.  Your body needs a lot more than just regular gym attendance – it needs a healthy lifestyle. Being fit requires eating for fuel, giving your body the nutrients it needs to grow and repair. It requires discipline.  You may need to say “No’ next time you are asked to go out when you know your body desperately needs rest. Your body needs ample fluids for healthy hydration and to help flush toxins. Your body needs good posture to relieve joints and to prevent injury. Sadly, there are a lot of people working hard in the gym to get fit, who are destroying their bodies as soon…

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5 responses to “Fitness: Beyond Your Gym Attendance

  1. I can attest to that! I joined a health club and went several times a week for a year. I didn’t lose a pound during that year. Only when I changed my eating along with exercise did the weight come off. I see big, unhealthy looking people at the gym who have been going to workout/socialize.


  2. Also those same people are outside smoking when I leave.


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