Deluxe Homemade Fruit and Vegetable Rinse

Happy Earth Day! Here is a simple solution to protect yourself against the herbicide and pesticide plague sprayed on our fruits and veggies. It appeals to Mr. Lazy Cook.


I wish that we could all of our fruits and veggies straight from a farm and onto our table.  Unfortunately, not only does our location in the US make that difficult during certain seasons but there are also times where we are either hindered by time or financial considerations.

For those reasons, I’ve always been a fan of using a fruit and vegetable rinse on our store bought produce (even organic…apparently it is allowed to spray pesticides on organic produce during transportation) .  Like many things, I used to by the versions from the grocery store but then I got to thinking about how I was spraying more chemicals onto things I was trying to get chemicals off of.   Now that just seems a bit silly, no?

deluxe fruit and veggie rinse

This recipe has outperformed all store-bought fruit and vegetable rinses I’ve ever gotten.  Not only do I feel completely comfortable in how…

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