Costco Now Carries Its Own Brand of Coconut Oil

It is just less than a year ago since I wrote Why Should I Try Coconut Oil?

Today I was shopping in Costco and came upon this huge display of their own Kirkland Brand coconut oil. I guess that means that the product sold well enough for Costco to find a company to produce it under for the Kirkland brand. That is very good news to me.

I shot this at Costco today

I shot this at Costco today

If you have been on the fence about trying coconut oil, please check out my Page – Why You Should Include Coconut Oil in Your Diet.

There are at least a dozen good reasons including that coconut oil is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. It is second only to mother’s milk in its amount of lauric acid. What could be more nutritious than that?

Its medium chain fatty acids are easy on the digestive system. “It travels immediately to the liver to be converted into energy. It doesn’t circulate in the body and end up being stored as fat. So for a quick energy boost, eat a spoonful of coconut oil or add it to your food,” I wrote in that post.

One difference between the new Kirkland brand and the previous brand at Costco was that the previous brand said “Extra Virgin” coconut oil whereas the new Kirkland brand simply has “Virgin” coconut oil. What is the difference? Good question. The best answer I could find was ‘marketing.’ While there is a major difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil, no such distinction exists in the coconut oil world.

Regarding product size: the old brand was a big fat 54 ounce jar. The new one is 42.3 ounces, but you have to buy two jars. So, you end up with more coconut oil in the slightly more manageable form of two containers.

Check it out for yourself. Costco knows a valuable product when they sell one. You should, too.



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10 responses to “Costco Now Carries Its Own Brand of Coconut Oil

  1. You’re quite the Costco fan!


  2. I’m making popcorn for my Book club this week, while we discuss “Night Circus.” Mine will be black and white in keeping with the theme of the book. A great read!!! (PS – The black will be dark chocolate. I’m air-popping white corn kernels in the micro – might add a touch of coconut oil to the chocolate – it’s white 🙂 .)


  3. Janine Kauffmann

    Is the quality comparable to Carrington Farm’s coconut oil, which Costco used to sell?


    • Hi, Janine –

      I don’t know as I still have a half full jar of the Carrington Farm’s coconut oil at home. It says organic so there are no pesticides. I will post further when I buy some. Thanks for the query.


  4. phil

    I’ve used the new Kirkland brand coconut oil as well as the Nutiva coconut oil (also purchased at Costco). I find the Kirkland brand to have a lower smoke point which is troublesome making pancakes or making popcorn in the popcorn maker because it smokes too much. The Nutiva product did not smoke at those temperatures which leads me to believe that the Costco product is inferior. Perhaps it is not filtered very carefully.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your comment. As I have only used the Costco one, I can’t say, but I think you are right about the smoke point. It seems to start smoking early. I use it for popcorn, too.


    • Actually, my understanding is that coconut oil has a low smoke point (around 350 degrees). Once is starts being refined, the smoke point goes up. So the Kirkland brand may be a purer oil than the Nutiva.


  5. Claribel Garcia

    Hi Tony, how about the NON GMO? the new Kirkland brand does not say that.

    Liked by 1 person

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