Kettlebell Training

Historically, the kettlebell was first used for elite military training in Russia. It now has gone mainstream; used widely in sports training and general strength training. You can find them in sporting goods stores, and even regular department stores. I actually found mine on sale at Target.

Bite into Nutrition

images-kbell I have been consistently training with a kettlebell for several months now. I have to admit that it was not initially one of my favorite forms of workout.  At first it seemed intimidating and I felt clumsy using it, but once I got the hang of it and embraced the challenge, it became more enjoyable and empowering. Mainly, I do the basic two-handed swing move with it. This morning, I got brave and tried out a kettlebell workout class. It was way more challenging than I thought it would be.  It was a combination of aerobic and strength training moves, all using various sized kettle bells (8 – 25 lbs). One of the great things about the kettlebell, is that it comes in several weight sizes, so you can ease into it and progressively increase the weight level as you go. I am currently able to use a 35 lb…

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