How to make sardines taste good! OR… Eat fish to fire up your memory

I am a big fan of sardines and Brunswick is my brand.

Cook Up a Story

No added salt - just wild Canadian sardines and water. No added salt – just wild Canadian sardines and water.

Omega-3 fats are vital to the workings of our brain, the most important organ of our body. The omega-3s keep our memories sharp and our minds on target. Sadly, the average North American diet is not a welcoming place for these guys.

That’s why I’ve been spending so much time on these important nutrients recently. I wanted to find lots of delicious ways to make sure we’re getting plenty of omega-3s in our daily meals.

So far, we’ve looked at how all kinds of nuts help out with our stores of omega-3s.

Then we looked at salmon, a wonderful source of the most useful kind of omega-3 fatty acids.

But any cold-water fish will do the trick. If a fish likes to swim in the freezing waters of the ocean, he’ll be well-endowed with fat to keep his blood warm…

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4 responses to “How to make sardines taste good! OR… Eat fish to fire up your memory

  1. Thanks for sharing my post, Tony. I have never liked sardines, probably because of all the bits. But I did like this recipe. I thought that the sardine taste was mild and delicious, well married with the other flavors. Perhaps I just lucked in with the Brunswick brand.


    • Thanks for the very useful post, Vinny. I have to laugh about ‘all the bits.’ When my son was about 10 years old I took him for fried smelts, a Lake Michigan fish delicacy available in the spring here in Chicago. They are the same size as sardines. I noticed him fussing around with his knife and fork over one of the smelts and asked him what was the problem. He looked up at me and said with some annoyance that he had trouble ‘removing the spine.’ The smelts are so small, that you just eat the whole little fish, spine and all.


  2. Riho

    Hi Tony!
    I’m contacting you because I have read you articles and article about Omega 3. Shortly my story: I have psoriasis and five years ago it really flared up in my joints so I couldn’t exercise anymore and two years ago patches started appearing on my skin and under nails. But about a year ago I started taking a new natural Omega 3 product that was suggested to me and now for all practical purposes my psoriasis is gone. I would like to know how you I`m measure omega 6 and 3 ratio due to its importance and use a blood test which shows the ratio and several other data analyzed by leading laboratories. For example my first test ratio was 8,4:1 (I was very sick person), second after four months 3,4:1 (psoriasis is starting go on) and third a year later 1,6:1 (I`m healthy). It`s would be nice to heard your soon.
    With regards


    • Congrats on clearing up your psioriasis. You want way more Omega 3 than six. The problem is that if you eat a lot of processed foods you are getting way heavy on Omega 6. So, stick with the natural foods and you will get your ratio in order.


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