Foods to Eat for a Leaner Body

Another fine food for thought infographic. Never forget that healthy eating is healthy aging.

The only thing missing is coconut oil. Check out Why Should I Try Coconut Oil? for more details.




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5 responses to “Foods to Eat for a Leaner Body

  1. Lemon juice destroys your tooth enamel, leading to receding guns and diseases.

    Far, grease, oil put cholesterol in your arteries, leading to quadruple bypasses and stints. One doctor said you only need about 1 teaspoon of oil, etc daily to be healthy, and on a 750 calories daily.

    This really works, too, once you get used to it.


  2. Of those, I like Avocado the best, Kale the least! But Lemons, blueberries and olive oil are all great too! And my husband is Italian so parsley is just about a staple in our home. LOL Thanks Tony!

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  3. Denise Hanley

    Virgin olive oil is good for you so is mazola oil and ask veggies and fruits are good for you both just certain ones

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