Heavy Smokers Should Get CT Scans

Regular readers know I am strongly opposed to smoking. You can check out my Page How bad is smoking at the top for all the reasons in detail. But, this is still a free country and you can do what you want, So, I thought it wise to pass on the words of Rob Logan, Ph.D. Director of the U.S. National library of Medicine.

Young woman smoking cigarette

“The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends annual computer tomography (or CT) screening for smokers between age 55-80, who currently smoke or have smoked an average of a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years. Low dose CT scans also are recommended for adults between age 55-80, who smoked an average of a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years — and quit within the past 15 years.

“Michael LeFevre M.D., the Task Force’s co-vice chair, told the Wall Street Journal (after the recommendations’ release) the recommended screening could prevent as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths annually. Dr. LeFevre told Health Day: ‘That’s a lot of people, and we feel it’s worth it, but there still will be a lot more people dying from lung cancer. That’s why the most important way to prevent lung cancer will continue to be to convince smokers to quit.'”

“The Task Force’s report notes about 160,000 Americans die from lung cancer annually and about 230,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Lung cancer is the third most common and deadliest of all cancers and impacts both men and women. The Task Force’s report explains about 37 percent of adults are current or former smokers.”

Anecdotally, my father smoked cigarettes all his life and quit at age 55. He died of lung cancer at age 76. It seems the doctor’s recommendation might have been helpful in his case.



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2 responses to “Heavy Smokers Should Get CT Scans

  1. G. Chandra Sekhara Rao.

    What could be the reason for house wives who are non-smokers for getting lung cancer. My wife a diabetic (type2) patient got cancer which spread from lung to esophagus. First she lost speech. Several ENT specialists and neuralogists diagnosed it as vocal chord parsley. Within a month intake of food stopped due to cancer spread pressing the food pipe from outside. Thereafter she had frozen left arm.
    My wife’s cousin brother’s wife also has lung cancer. She too is a non smoker and takes only home food like my wife. However she had no other problems like my wife. While my wife survived for 8 1/2 months, she survived for about 2 1/2 years.

    Another case is of one senior doctor in our area, who is a non smoker had cancer similar to my wife.

    So I could not understand why they are getting lung cancer.

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    • Thanks very much for sharing your story, if awful. You didn’t mention if the people who got lung cancer spent time around smokers. I know that second hand smoke is also a killer.


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