Where’s Walnuts?

Then there are all those valuable minerals in walnuts to mine for. .. copper, calcium, magnesium and manganese are all needed for bone health. As well, they work with the other nutrients in walnuts to prevent oxidation and inflammation, the underlying cause of so many of our modern, chronic ailments.

Cook Up a Story

One walnut hiding among other tasty nuts Can you spot the walnut hiding among all these other tasty tree nuts?

Walnuts, raw
Develop the jaw,
But walnuts, stewed,
Are more quietly chewed.
with a gentle nod to Ogden Nash

Crunchy or pureed, if we’re smart, walnuts will be found hiding on our plates in everything from soup to salads! I’m so impressed with walnuts’ healthy benefits, I hardly know where to begin. Have you heard of the quinone  juglone, the tannin tellimagrandin, or the flavonol morin? I hadn’t, until recently.

But we don’t have to remember their names. We just have to remember where they hang out… in walnuts! Some of these nutrients are so rare that they’re found in no other common food.

These valuable nutrients are powerful antioxidants. If you forget just how antioxidants protect your tissues, check back to Vinny’s post starring Auntie O.

These rarities mightily reduce inflammation of…

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