A Fresh Look at Portion Control and Portion Distortion

Yesterday I published what I consider to be one of the best examples of portion control that I have seen. As I have mentioned time and again, I am in my fourth year of success at controlling my weight and writing this blog. The major tool in that pursuit was the learning of portion control.

That’s why I thought this wonderful illustration which shows another way to look at portion control – through its distortion – would be helpful to you.


If you check out my Page – How to lose weight – and keep it off you will find further guidelines on protecting yourself for the attack of the calories on your weight and waistline.

Here is a super rundown from the American Diabetes Association on how portions have become distorted over the years.

Good luck in your New Year’s pursuit of weight control. I know you can do it.


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One response to “A Fresh Look at Portion Control and Portion Distortion

  1. So true. And great job and your continued success!


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